About Me

I’ve always thought “about me’s” were kind of cheesy. Nonetheless, introductions are necessary considering now that I have made this public, not everyone who is reading this knows me personally. If you do, heyyy thanks for checking this out.

So my name is Valerie, Val, or Vall cause insta already had a valrose *rolls eyes*. No, I don’t like roses, it’s my middle name, hence vallrose. This blog was created for my sheer enjoyment and maybe 5 friends when I initially made it. Blogging is surprisingly a lot of fun, it’s become a new way to get to know myself. I find that when I write about my growth, I become more accountable to abide by the lessons I’ve shared on this site. What I didn’t know, was how relatable my life experiences would be for some of my readers. This realization has prompted me to share my life lessons/random thoughts through this blog with the hope that I can help someone through our shared experiences.  I love love love feedback, so I encourage you to comment, like, & share. As of late, I have developed an obsession with making playlists for every mood and posted them here for your enjoyment (check the playlists page).

I really focus on writing only when inspired to guarantee that each post is genuine and a true reflection of my day to day thoughts. For that reason, I can’t be sure how often I will post, so I encourage you to check back frequently or follow my page (peep the bottom of the screen) and you’ll receive an email when I post something new.

These posts are definitely for women, centered around; self-love,relationships/friendships, adulting, promotion of positivity, and from time to time a solid rant on the topic of my choice. However, if you are a male reading this, indulge, you might learn something new. So as I’m writing this, I realized I haven’t actually told you anything “about me” and I kind of don’t want to. My blogs are nice little peek into my brain and really all that I’d like to you know. Dig in.

+vibes only, always.