So on GroupMe, in this chat I’m apart of, this girl posted the number to a cell phone motivation service . Basically every weekday, this company called SHINE sends me a motivational message paired with funny gifs or related pictures. For the most part, it’s kind of cheesy, but I like the idea of always getting that text in the morning (lol I don’t get cute good morning texts so this will have to suffice) and occasionally the message is super relevant to my life. This morning I received this message:


“Appreciate the hustle of being in the middle”. Let that resonate for a second. At 20 going on 21 (finally!!), I am very much focused on my future, law school, not getting x’s on my hands at the club, the bar exam, first salary job, long term relationship ect. None of that is promised. And the worst part is that the future is not guaranteed happiness, it could bring more questions, more problems. After reading that message, I couldn’t help but think of The Wizard of Oz. This chick goes on this long ass journey, meets some weirdos along the way, all in the hopes of meeting this magical “Oz” only to find out its some fraud ass dude behind a curtain. That’s the future, a serious variation of what you envisioned whether positive or negative or neither.  We get so caught up in what’s to come we forget to enjoy where we are now.  There’s probably a lot more lessons to take away from that movie, but as corny as this is, the weirdos became her friends, she grew as an individual and made impact on those around her. Dorothy owned her yellow brick road. We need to own our yellow brick road. I mean the journey is half the fun, half the gratitude, live for it.






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