We’re skipping the introductions guys, I know it’s been a minute since we last spoke but this post has me amped up!

Alright so basically we’re living in this awesome wave where women are taking over the world, it’s pretty dope (cue Beyoncé’s “Who Run The World?”). Look at Hillary, it doesn’t matter what you think of her but she’s a woman running for President of one of the greatest countries in the world, that’s something to smile about as a woman. (SIDE NOTE: VOTE.) Women are making moves all over the world. Being on your shit is IN and I’m so here for it!

As a young female college student, naturally, I want to make moves for the advancement of my personal and professional success. So what do I do? I join different organizations, I get positions in those organizations, I intern, I work, I go out, I hang with friends, I try new things blah blah you get the point. I fill my gold notebook in which I color code my life and tasks down to a science. I avoid too much downtime because I hate feeling unproductive but guess what? Somehow some way, the desire for male attention never goes away. And I’m not talking about sex.  I’m talking about pillow talk, cuddling, the feeling you get when you see his name on your phone just knowing it’s not your mom who texted or your 9million groupme’s going off. Male attention is natural to desire and I think it’s pretty damn healthy. My life is always on GO, like Meredith Grey said “The carousel never stops turning” but that little void that nags at you at 2am when you’re in bed alone, will never be satisfied by the 6 orgs you’re in or the fact that your internship might offer you a job. Not saying those aren’t huge wins but they just can’t give you what a random “You know I really like that cute thing you do with your eyes when you talk” can do, I promise it can’t.

PERO WAIT. We live in a world of Frogs. And I am tired of kissing these slimy fools, hoping to find a Prince or at least a really decent frog for the moment. So what’s a girl to do when you’re a confident, on your shit, Princess, living in a world of immature frogs who just can’t handle you right now? Not a damn thing. Yeah that’s right if you were waiting for me to hit you with a solution, I don’t have one ladies. Cause here’s what I know, if you’ve ever dealt with a frog hoping they might shed their skin and turn into your Prince only to figure out that they never will, the bullshit ain’t worth it. And for those of you thinking that keeping busy and being a strong independent woman will satisfy you, I suggest you make your way to Netflix and go watch “Being Mary Jane” and then you can get back to me and let me know how warm your degrees and your success keep you at night. You can try to date if you find a frog who even does that, you can sleep around (don’t recommend), you can have casual flings but if you’re not wholly invested, the void can only be half filled. But beware, the worst thing you could do is catch feelings for one of these fools and end up worse off than when you started dealing with his typical frog bs, which totally complicates your life and messes with your heart. Do what you gotta do ladies, stay on your shit, I promise the Prince’s take note, even the frogs do they just aren’t equipped to handle you right now.

You are princess training to be a Queen so you can one day be equipped to meet your King. So realize your worth, don’t play with your heart, and don’t let these frogs waste your time. If it’s any comfort at all, you’re not alone. Our prince is out there, we just have to wait.


+vibes only, always.

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