Hello Ladies! It’s been a while since we last spoke, but as the semester winds down and finals are finally over (Bless) , all this free time has finally given me the time to write again, woot woot.

By the title of this post, you are probably thinking that I’m going to touch on the totally obscure concept of dating in our generation… but I’m not.

As I get older, I am starting to become more aware of what I enjoy doing in my free time. You know those interview questions that ask you “What do you do for fun?” or “What are your hobbies?” Obviously I can’t say “take shots of Hennessy and go out with my girls” but it really got me thinking about what I truly enjoy doing. It’s a difficult question but a valid one because your hobbies can foster passions, and what you’re passionate about says a lot about who you are as an individual. For a long time, I got caught up in the idea that my passion had to be what I intended on pursuing in my career, but when I really think about it, that sounds so unattainable. What are the odds that I find a career that encompasses all of the things I’m passionate about? I mean, should that even be a goal? My career is one realm of me, of my life, it’s not everything. The gift of being able to combine my passion with my financial source sounds like a privilege to me. One that I am perfectly fine living without. Don’t get me wrong, you most definitely should find a career path that you will enjoy doing but to think that that’s where it ends, that we are succumbed to our job title is utter bullshit. A job is job and no matter how much you love it, I’m sure you can come up with five other things you’d rather be doing.

Recently, I have become obsessed with creating playlists, with music in general. I will thank Apple Music (probably the best thing they’ve created since the Notes app) for making an entire world of music right at my fingertips. I have playlists for every mood; Just Vibe, Just Vibe (Oldies Edition), Pipe Music, Jollof Rice (Afrobeats Only), The Funk (Anderson Paak meets Earth, Wind & Fire), Got Off Early (Strictly sing along bops, think Ja Rule), Cole World No Snuggie, For Tyrone & Friends (Strictly Badu, Lauryn, Jhene and NAO), and my personal favorite “WTF Was I listening to in Elementary?”. I literally find joy in deciding what songs are of value to make it to the playlist or thinking about what other artist I can include to diversify the sound but while still remaining true to the vibe of the whole playlist. On another note, if I’m not having a dance party to one of my playlists, I’m probably engrossed in Jane The Virgin, the super cheesy Miami based Telenovela that I’m ashamed to say I like so much. If it’s not Jane The Virgin, its rewatching The Office (Season 2 is my fave) or HBO’s newest black comedy, Insecure. I Netflix and Me quite a bit, and I like it.

I’m learning to love the time I spend with myself. Remember how I told you that happiness is to be created and doesn’t magically appear? It all starts with you. If you can find happiness alone in your room on a Friday night doing whatever the hell you want, you’re off to a great start. While happiness is something to be created, you can’t go looking for it in other people.  I think we’ve probably all had that one friend whose so disgustingly into her boyfriend that when they break up, she doesn’t know who she is. Tragic. You can’t rely on finding happiness in someone else, cause if and when they dip, then what? The pursuit of happiness is really the pursuit of self-love.

So as you are slapped in the face with a mass amount of free time this holiday break, I encourage you to dig deep and figure out what the hell it is you like to do, or do the things you say you want to do. I think you’d be surprised to find how much personal growth results in quality ME time.

+vibes only, always.

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