Pussy is power.

This post is for all the ladies who don’t harness their God-Given Biological Blessing.

Ladies, we live in a man’s world. A world where your salary will not be the same as your male co-workers. A world where advancement in a traditionally female dominated career will be awarded to one of the few men in the same profession. A world where you are judged on the way you look before anything else. A world where standards of beauty are changing so rapidly, its impossible to keep up.


While it may seem that this world isn’t designed for us ladies, it actually is if you wake up! We have what they want. That’s it. Point blank.

I feel like everyday I’m faced with the question of “to finesse or not to finesse?” I don’t know why I hesitate; the answer should always be yes. I define finessing as seizing an opportunity. However there are several finessing opportunities that are only reserved for women.

Story Time:

So I recently went on a trip to Miami with some of my closest girlfriends. It was super lit and highly successful considering our last minute planning. One thing is for sure though, there’s no way in hell this trip would’ve been as great if it wasn’t for the plethora of thirsty, easily finesseable, and wealthy men.

Miami club life is really like no other. It’s all about the aesthetic. Naturally, every club wants beautiful women at their establishment, so getting into a club with a squad of baddies should be free. And it was. I felt like we were in a movie. Imagine you’re sitting in some 500$ section at a club and you didn’t pay for it, bottles are coming to the table and you’re drinking more shit you didn’t pay for. By the end of the night you’re dumb lit and only touched your purse to refresh your lip gloss. Why? Literally because of your anatomy and that’s it.

It was crazy to me because these men who were so freely paying for everything, didn’t try to get to know us or even really talk to us other than basic conversation. I personally didn’t care; I wasn’t looking to make any new friends. We were there for the aesthetic (and a good time), whether it was to boost their egos or a new way for them to spend their money, it didn’t matter. On the outside these men appeared to “have bitches” so mission accomplished.

I keep processing the amount of money they spent on us and for what? None of us were interested in any of them. As independent women, their money didn’t impress us. We weren’t giving them anything in return but our presence. It seemed like men would do anything for just the mere prospect of pussy or the appearance that they “had bitches”. If that’s the case, as a woman, why should you ever pay to go out?

This trip reinforced what I already knew, finessing is always the answer.

Let me be very clear, I don’t condone taking advantage of people, however like I established earlier, this world isn’t set up for women and you must capitalize on these opportunities. We can’t be responsible for other people’s obliviousness.

I’m not saying that men can’t resist women, its not that deep. But I promise a lot of their actions outside their personal endeavors are centered around getting the attention of women. Why do men pay 15$ at the door? Cause women got in free before 12, that’s it.

Even the great J.Cole said it “I peeped it, pussy is power” (Lights Please)

So ladies, be bold, be confident, flirt a bit from time to time, and know your worth, because I promise the opportunities are endless if you use your pum pum powers.


+vibes only, always.

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