The screenshotted tweet above was inspired by my roommates experience at a White party this past weekend. It was wild (per usual) and really got me thinking about the differences between the way both Black people and White people party. I am determined to make this film one day. However, for the sake of time and money, a blog post will have to suffice.

So growing up in a predominately Hispanic area resulted in always being the only Black girl in my friend group. My best friend happened to be my only Black friend and all my other friends were either White or Hispanic. This didn’t start bothering me till high school, so I vowed that in college I would make some Black friends. I did. What I didn’t expect was not to have any White friends or so few. However, all it took was for me to attend one White party and I quickly realized why my friends were predominately Black.

White people party different, wayyyyy different than Black people. It’s so incredibly and wildly unique I had to break it down.

(Disclaimer: These are all generalizations. I’m aware that this does not represent all White/Black parties or how all White/Black people party, save the bullshit for someone else.)


A White Function

  • You can expect liq, a lot of it. Mostly vodka and everything is purchased in Handle size, they got money. Even if your invite says “BYOB”, don’t even worry about it, cause Billy, Brock and Brett got you.
  • They share!!! No one holds their bottles hostage. Highkey, you don’t even have to ask if you want to pour yourself up.
  • Attire (Women)= Crop top + Coachella shorts that provide ass cleavage
  • Attire (Men) = Shorts + Bright Colored Solid Tee +Sperry’s
  • Music choice is always a surprise. Never expect a DJ. Most of the time you are too drunk to pay attention to what is being played.
  • Drinking games are a staple at white functions. Again, they are very kind and will let you play.
  • People are so incredibly drunk. Like, wasted.
  • At some weird point in the night you will see people making out publicly. I have no explanation for this.
  • The lights are on, the whole night.
  • It’s probably easier to find coke here than some bud.
  • Don’t expect to dance. Maybe jump to a few songs, off beat of course.
  • The cops won’t come and if they do, you’re probably too drunk to realize.
  • If it’s a holiday, expect to have an amazing night. They may have voted for Trump and his wall but they’ll be there Cinco De Mayo with sombreros and tequila. I promise.
  • People actually socialize and come up to you to ask questions, no such thing as “standing on the wall”
  • People will throw up. Beware.


Black Function

  • Show up late, when you think you’ll be late enough, wait 30 min, then go.
  • Buy your own damn bottle. Sharing is not a lesson we learned in kindergarten.
  • The lights are off, the whole night. If you turn on the light, you’re going get a dirty look.
  • Prepare to party “Sardine Style”. This means you might not be able to move the whole night, but you’ll stand there anyway.
  • The music is lit.
  • If you throw up publicly, you’re “that person”, and no one wants to be “that person”.
  • There are a select group of guys who will form a circle and show off the latest choreography from “You Got Served The Sequel” (I hate y’all)
  • There’s one girl doing the absolute most.
  • All black people are professional hype men.  If you came to the party with low self-esteem, you’ll leave with some confidence.
  • The liq that is out in the open and that presumably looks like it’s for everyone is not to be touched. It’s not for you.
  • They’ll be about 25 guys standing on the wall who are too pussy to shoot their shot but will ask your friend about you at the end of the night instead.
  • Don’t throw it if you can’t catch it.
  • The cops will come. Bet on it.
  • When either “Swag Surf” comes on or “Back That Azz Up”, it’ll be dumb lit for the duration of the song.
  • Someone might pull out a gun for no actual reason (but don’t worry, we’re really fun, you just might have to run)


It really blows me that Black people carry the stereotype that we’re the race to fear or the race to cause trouble (aside from the occasional gun possession at parties). Honestly, just attend a White function and I promise they are way scarier. Nonetheless, I respect a solid White party when you want to switch it up from time to time.

On a deeper level, it’s kind of thought provoking that our parties are so visibly segregated. Ironically, we fought long and hard for integration. The fight for integration, aside from equal opportunity, was really the fight to freely segregate. If I want to go to a “colored” party, it’s cause I want to go not cause Jim Crow forced me to.

Ultimately, I think its just one of those things that won’t ever change. We differ culturally so we differ socially. White people will be White people and Black people will be Black people. Get lit wherever you please.


+vibes only, always.


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