I always laugh at what inspires me to write these posts cause its always the dumbest/funniest shit. This post was inspired by the recent Twitter drama that developed surrounding French Montana’s clapback, which was so loaded and funny, it definitely deserves to be placed in some clapback hall of fame. If you’re not familiar with what happened, below is a screenshot of the tweet that made the female Black community on Twitter oh so upset.


I feel almost embarrassed to be writing about this trivial bullshit but it really got me thinking about our generation and what kind of sensitive ass society we have created.

Personally, as a black woman, I was not at all offended by French Montana using the word “nappy” cause if you’re trying to successfully clapback, of course you should use words that would hit hard. My issue is why the fuck do people care?? Black women in particular.

This world has become so incredibly sensitive, its mind blowing. We have come to a point in society where you literally have to monitor everything you say cause if not you’ll probably offend some group.

Inclusion. A word that’s been thrown around quite a bit in the past ten years is definitely a part of the problem. Federal legislative initiatives in the past ten years alone have been created with the mere purpose to include certain groups. Affirmative action, the legalization of gay marriage, gender-neutral bathrooms, the ongoing extension of the LGBTQ+ acronym etc. are all examples of these initiatives. While I fully support the inclusion of minority groups and agree with the government providing legislative support to them, the repercussions are making us weak little bitches.

The Black community in particular is really the main proponent of this sensitivity epidemic. Now I don’t want to sound like some Uncle Tom ass chick but to an extent y’all …..we’re doing too much. Responding to every micro aggression any non-black person makes is directly supporting the stereotype of a “mad black woman”. When we get mad on twitter about someone using the word “nappy”, what does that make us look like? Weak and overly sensitive. We are providing ammunition for non-black people to tip toe around us the way they do. We are creating a culture of fear, and moving away from a transparent and candid society.

 One scene comes to mind from Jordan Peele’s recent hit “Get Out”, when the father (neurosurgeon) mentions that he “would’ve voted for a Obama a third term” if he could. While all the Black people in the audience laughed because it was so relatable, stop and think about why this man felt the need to say that. White people continuously make those kind of comments all the time. My personal favorite is “omg my ____ is Black!”. Why do White people feel the need to assert their non-racism to us when they meet us? Maybe it’s because we have created this culture where we advocate so heavily to be looked upon as equal, now White people assume that we already think their racist. It’s like some kind of “racism insurance” to protect them from any bullshit their about to say. We’ve become so possessive, so predictable, but what is it doing for us? While this is definitely is a step up from segregation and Jim Crow, we still aren’t helping our community.
It’s completely understandable why Black women would be mad about the comment. As a Black person it’s frustrating to see the media and celebrities continuously capitalize off of OUR culture and then turn around say some shit like that. And as a Black woman its even more challenging to accept when beauty standards put you at the bottom of the list but then you see Kylie Jenner overlining her lips and rocking a fresh set of cornrows. Unfortunately it’s a lose lose situation. If you succumb to the bullshit people say and respond to their stupidity, you fuel the stereotype and subsequently foster this sensitivity issue. And if you don’t respond then you let these fuckers slide while they keep thinking its okay to make comments like that.

This constant push to react to literally everything is making the world disingenuous. If we have to tediously censor everything we say, are we really being ourselves?


+vibes only, always.

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