My playlists: another piece of me to you. Indulge. Music is a mood for me so I have delineated the genre of each playlist, a brief description of my inspiration and the mood of the playlist.

Apple Music Playlists


Genre: Alternative, Rock, Electronic

Mood: Beach Bound

Named for a good friend of mine who put me one to whole new genre of music I didn’t know I could love this much. Included some middle school throwbacks (if you’re a 90’s baby) and different songs that make you feel like you’re in convertible in California cruisin

Link: Behbahani Playlist


Genre: Alternative, New Age R&B

Mood: Laying in bed after a super productive day.

Theres a mood that’s a subset of happiness and its called bliss. Its tranquility plus happiness and its amazing. Unfortunately it doesn’t come by that often but this playlist kinda takes you there without having to actually experience it.

Link: Bliss Playlist

Classic Bops

Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop

Mood: 2am Post Function

Your favorite rappers inspiration, the crème de la crème, the east side, the west side, the disses, the stop what you’re doing cause this ya muhfuckin jam. Nuff’ said.

Link: Classic Bops Playlist

Cole World No Snuggie

Genre: Rap

Mood: Just finished watching the 6pm news, gotta reevaluate life.

Young Simba been a lion from the start. My absolute favorite rapper, the great Born Sinner, Jermaine Lamar Cole. While this playlist only includes his albums,I highly suggest you go listen to Friday Night Lights, The Warm Up and Truly Yours Tapes, you’re welcome.

Link: Cole No World Snuggie Playlist


Genre: R&B Soul

Mood: “I woke up like this”

Strictly self-loving women blessing us with their high energy, soulful voices, and lyrics about girl power, self-love, and how great it is to be a Woman.

Link: Empowerment Playlist

Feel Good

Genre: Alternative, Hip Hop, Electronic, R&B Soul, Rap

Mood: Homework done wayyyyy before the due date.

My current fave. A mash up of music that just makes you feel so damn good. You know when you go out and your fit is super cute and you know its super cute and everyone keeps telling you how cute you look, this is that feeling in a playlist.

Link: Feel Good Playlist

For Tyrone & Friends

Genre: R&B Soul

Mood: Sunday, Laundry Day

Named for Badu’s classic “Tyrone”, I have culminated the electrifying sounds of the old (Badu, Lauryn, Aaliyah) with the new (The Internet, NAO, Jhene Aiko ect.) to give that soulful proud black woman sound. Type of music you play around your kids one day so they fall in love with it too.

Link: For Tyrone & Friends Playlist

Heat (Bops)

Genre: Rap, Hip Hop

Mood: Staying Relevant

This month’s current “Heat”,  fast paced bops only. Check in regularly, I update this one often with the newest music and remove what’s no longer relevant.

Link: Heat (Bops) Playlist

Heat (Wavy) 

Genre: R&B Soul

Mood: Staying Relevant

This month’s current “Heat”, wavy /soulful songs only. Check in regularly, I update this one often with the newest music and remove what’s no longer relevant.

Link: Heat (Wavy) Playlist

I Do

Genre: R&B

Mood: Every Kiss begins with Kay

I would prob melt a little inside if any song on this playlist was dedicated to me by that special someone even if it was Back That Azz Up.

Link: I Do Playlist



Genre: Samba, Bossa Nova, Grime, Afrobeat, Dancehall, Reggae, Hip Hop, Salsa, Merengue, Raboday, Kompa literally everything lol

Mood: Cultured

Some of my favorite songs from all over the world! Every country has blessed us with their music, do yourself a favor and educate yourself on all the other genres that exist on this earth.

Link: Intl. Playlist

Jollof Rice

Genre: Afrobeats

Mood: Coming To America

I was blessed this year with being introduced to Afrobeat music by a good Nigerian friend. This playlist will make you DANCE, enjoy.

Link: Jollof Rice Playlist

Just Vibe

Genre: R&B Soul, Rap

Mood: Fresh Blunt Rolled

My first playlist I ever made. 9hrs of straight chill music for a calm vibe/setting.

Link:Just Vibe Playlist

Just Vibe (Oldies)

Genre: Jazz, Blues, R&B Soul

Mood: Reminiscent

Similar to Just Vibe in the calming vibe of this playlist but this one is straight oldies from Marvin Gaye to Nina Simone. What your parents used to bump.

Link: Just Vibe (Oldies) Playlist

Saint Pablo

Genre: Rap, Hip Hop

Mood: I Love Me Like Kanye Loves Kanye

As unstable as Kanye the individual is, he’s never failed us in his plethora of projects.

Link: Saint Pablo Playlist


Mood: Me time.

Genre: Alternative, Electronic, R&B/Soul

A personal favorite. This might be one of the best playlists I’ve ever put together. I”ll just say that and let you be the judge. This playlist has a very specific sound, its meant to be listened to when you’re alone.

Link: Solitude Playlist

Summer Vibes 2k16

Genre: Rap, Hip Hop

Mood: Post Summer Internship Traffic

The summer is one of the best seasons for good music, and this past summer did not fail us. 2017 playlist will drop June 21st.

Link: Summer Vibes 2K16

The Funk

Genre: Funk, Electronic

Mood: Chance The Rapper In Overalls

A dope of mix of classic Funk artists with the new sounds of Childish Gambino, Anderson Paak and Chance The Rapper. Makes ya feel groovy.

Link: The Funk Playlist

The Other Side Of The Spectrum

Genre: Rap, Alternative, Electronic

Mood: The Weird Part Of YouTube

Rap has really grown into a wide spectrum of different sounds. It seems almost wrong to call both Kodak Black and Tyler the Creator rappers, but that they are. This playlist is to recognize all the weirdos on the non mainstream side of the rap spectrum.

Link: The Other Side Of The Spectrum Playlist


Genre: R&B Soul

Mood: Right Before Bed

So this playlist isn’t actually Trance music, but the voices of these artists will put you in a trance. Mostly 2016 female vocalists with a unique sound.

Link: Trance Playlist

Workout Twerkout

Genre: Trap

Mood: Eat that Salad, No Dessert

You tryna get thick? Let Gucci and Waka get you there.

Link: Workout Twerkout Playlist

WTF Was I Listening To In Elementary School

Genre: Rap, Hip Hop, R&B Soul

Mood: Soulja Boy White Shades

Think middle school dance in 06′, all the dirty ass lyrics, you shouldn’t have been singing.

Link: WTF Was I Listening To In Elementary Playlist


Soundcloud Playlists

Super Wavy

Genre: R&B/Soul, Alternative

Mood: 4am

The title says it all. Mood music.

Link:  Super Wavy Playlist


Mid-Day Vibes

Genre: Hip Hop, Rap, Electronic

Mood: Busy

Background music to accompany a busy day.

Link: Mid-Day Vibes Playlist